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April 6 2020

It has been many years since I have started this website. Then I moved to the other side of the world, updated this site once and got busy myself without any further updates. Now I am back to the original point, with my family, and possibly starting my career over again. It is a bad time to start over though, due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the economy is stagnent here. It doesn't matter! I might as well spend the extra time at home with my family, and spare a chunk of the time redo this website all over.

The new look is here. Gradually progressing. First thing to note is the dark theme. Some people may like it, others may not. No worry! At the top-right corner of the page there is a Color Theme picker. You have several choices there. Try one that best suit your taste and continue browsing. For details, please refer to Accessibility & Themes and Cookie Usage & Privacy for further information.

Second thing you may not notice yet is the site will have a responsive layout. But what is it? Responsive layout/design means that the page layout will adjust and re-arrange accordingly to the size of the screen. It is still working in progress, but it will evolve along with the contents of the website.

Third thing 99% of users will not notice at all is that, the website is dropping support on those old legacy browsers in favour of more advanced user experience and modernized layout codings. Those legacy browsers are horrible without support for modern rendering standards. The security is the worst as well. Even if you are not using one of those very old legacy browsers but find yourselves using a browser version dated back couple years or more, I would highly recommend you stop using it in order to protect yourselves and your device's integrity. I would always recommend people to update to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox or even the latest Microsoft Edge if possible. There are many other good browsers out there as well. So do not make yourselves stuck using any end-of-life browsers that are no longer supported / updated. That being said, I am still making this site to support older (non-legacy) browsers if possible, just that these browsers will not always have the complete user experience like the others.

I am still thinking what to put in this website in the long run — maybe some IT news of interest, or some skills I have learnt, or some thoughts about things around me. Anything that I would like to share. The future contents could be in English or in Chinese. Check-in in a few weeks time again and see what is new here.

God bless you and the whole world. And stay safe and healthy.