Welcome to the KYuHome.com


( ̄ˇ ̄) : "Cute, aren't they~?"

It has been several years already since I last updated my website. Now that I have managed to get my life on the right track again, I think it is time to have a decent update to my site.

"What? Why did you say right track? Did you do something wrong?" ~ You might ask.

Don't worry. It is just that I had made a huge step forward in my life — relocating myself to the other end of the earth, and get married. ( ̄︶ ̄) ~ yeah!

Over these few years, I have also upgraded myself with my web programming skills ~ oh well, I can now proudly call myself a Senior Web Interface Programmer in a web design / development company.

How about you, my friends? I hope you have also upgraded yourself ~ wait, should be your internet browsers over the past couple of years as well. Are you using the recent Mozilla Firefox 11? Or the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or Apple Safari 5? Or the latest Google Chrome, or Opera Browser? The web is ever-evolving, so equipping your computer with a recent web browser is always a good idea.

If you are still using an outdate browser with version from several years ago, despite web developers have made certain compatibility to them, I have to warn you that your mileage through this ever-evolving worldwide web varies on those oldschool / discontinued browsers.