K-Fun Yu Home

Accessibility & Themes

One of the features of K-Fun Yu Home is Color Themes. At the top-right corner of the page there is a Color Theme picker. You have several choices there, from dark to light, fitting different reading ambiants. At the end of the list, there is the Accessibility-friendly mode. This theme is designed for the visually-challenged people that needs a more clear text contrasts and a simple page flow.

I have created a URL shortcut way to immediately switch to a particular theme for those who do not prefer toggling the Color Theme manually. You may append a query string ?theme=[the theme code] to the URL. The theme code is the ID assigned to each of the theme. E.g. dark for Dark theme, light for Light theme. For the Accessibility-friendly theme, the code would be accessibility. This is especially useful for the people who needs instant access to a specific theme, whereas the other themes are not suitable under the circumstances.

An example URL for this page under Dusk theme would be:


Or for accessibility-friendly URL for this page:


Try out yourselves and see which Color Theme suits you best.

The chosen Color Theme is stored in your browser using a cookie. Please refer to the Cookie Usage & Privacy for further information.